Series: German Idioms – No. 3: "Es ist zum Mäuse melken!"

Germans like to use idioms to describe certain situations. For learners of German who do not have much experience with idioms, this figurative language can sometimes be difficult.

We will introduce you to idioms that you may come across in your everyday life in Germany. This way, you will no longer understand only "Bahnhof" the next time you hear an idiom.

💬 How do you apply this idiom?

We will give you an example:

Imagine you want to study for your exam, but your roommate keeps coming into your room and is interrupting you. You, therefore, cannot concentrate and cannot continue to learn for your important exam, but at the same time, you do not wish to be rude to you roommate. This situation is “zum Mäuse melken”. A similar English idiom would be “it is enough to drive you up a wall”.

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