Series: German Idioms – No. 2: “Die Katze im Sack kaufen”

Germans also like to use idioms to describe certain situations. For learners of German who do not have much experience with idioms, this figurative language can sometimes be difficult.

We will introduce you to idioms that you may come across in your everyday life in Germany. This way, you will no longer understand only "Bahnhof" the next time you hear an idiom.

💬 How do you apply this idiom?

We will give you an example:
You should never buy a car without first taking it for a test drive. After all, you do not know if you will like driving the car or if something is broken. If you buy the car without taking a test drive, you would “die Katze im Sack kaufen" (buy a pig in a poke).

😄 Fun Fact

This idiom also has a funny background. In the past, many tricksters in the marketplace tried to deceive their customers. They sold sacks of supposedly fat chickens or piglets, which in reality contained useless cats.

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