Tips for learning German: Listening to and understanding German

Would you like to improve your German? Books are an important tool for learning a language. However, they are no substitute for experiencing a spoken language. You will also learn which idioms are common in certain situations or how German terms are used. In this blog post, we will give you an overview of how you can integrate learning and especially listening to German into your everyday life.

Open your ears in everyday life 👂

One easily accessible source of German language is random conversations. When you are on the road in Germany, you will always find people chatting, whether it's at the train station, in a store, at the checkout or on the street - conversations are happening everywhere. In this way, you will naturally hear spoken German.

Find a tandem partner 🤝

Another effective way to get in touch with the spoken language is to find a tandem partner. This means that you exchange ideas with a person whose native language is German and who wants to learn your language. This way, you take turns practicing both languages together. 

Tandem partners are a popular way to practice a language and combine listening and speaking when learning German. It is ideal if you either have common interests or are interested in a topic that the other person has to tell.

German television programs and videos 📺

Linear television or streaming services are practically always available. There you can easily find formats that interest you or match your language level. There are many films and series on German television in particular that were filmed in German.

Soap operas, also known as daily soaps, are usually shown in the early evening. Here you can see many young actors in everyday situations. News programs and reports usually use less natural language. Instead, you learn a lot about current events and can fill up your vocabulary with important terms. This works even better with documentaries: They deal with a specific topic over a longer period of broadcasting time and make it easier to understand words correctly and grasp their meaning through repetition.

💡 Our tips:

  1. Watch individual parts or entire programs several times, if you didn't understand everything the first time.
  2. If you still have difficulties understanding German television, you can also watch films or series in German that you already know in your native language. This will help you to follow the plot and understand the vocabulary better.
  3. Also use video platforms such as YouTube. Many channels there deal specifically with learning German. The subtitle function can help you understand what is being said and look up unknown words. But be careful: Automatically generated subtitles are not always completely accurate, especially if the pronunciation in the video is not very clear or there is background noise.

Audio books and podcasts 🎧

Many German books are also available as audiobooks. The pronunciation in these audiobooks is very clear and therefore ideal for practicing German. You can also read along with the book. However, you should make sure that you don't have an abridged reading, otherwise some passages from the book will be missing from the recording.

Podcasts are also a great way to improve your listening comprehension. They deal with a wide variety of topics, including culture, entertainment and politics. In addition to podcasts that are specifically designed for learning German, you can also choose a podcast with a topic that you enjoy listening to with concentration.

📌 Conclusion: Learning German through listening

Listening comprehension is essential when learning a language. It helps you get to know idioms and colloquialisms and improve your pronunciation .Listen carefully in everyday life when German is spoken around you. Find someone you can learn with or use the many media channels available through television and the internet. It is important that you find a method that suits your language level and can be easily integrated into your everyday life.

We wish you much success in learning German! 🙂

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